A brief survey of other places I’ve published pieces

The Cherwell Newspaper

Happy Birthday Edward Lear , The Ashmolean Museum – Exhibition Review – here

Cezanne and the Modern: Masterpieces of European Art, The Ashmolean Museum – Exhibition Review – here

OUSU Alternative Prospectus (2014)

Entry on studying Art History at Oxford University

Oculus – Journal of the Edgar Wind Society for Art History

Ai Wei Wei at Blenheim Palace – Exhibition Review

Interview with Prof. Craig Clunas, Oxford University, on theme of ‘Identity’

‘The O’Shea Brothers: Against Spirituality?’

Notes -‘Eco’ Issue

Albrecht Durer’s Environmentalist Nightmares

Talks/ Papers Presented

‘The Livre d’Artiste’ – talk for the opening of ‘Not an Illustration’, at St John’s College, Oxford

‘Gendering St Joseph: Exploring Gender through the Holy Family’, Dialogue and Difference in the Middle Ages, Bristol Centre for Medieval Studies – 22nd Annual Postgraduate Conference, 25-26 February, 2016

Illustrating the End of the World: Thirteenth Century Anglo-Norman Apocalypse Manuscripts: Who, Where, and Why?; Jesus College Postgraduate Conference, 12 March 2016


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