2020 Update

Moving country and closed galleries

Henri Matisse, La Danse, 1910

Well it’s been quite a while since I posted on here! Not for lack of looking at art – 2019 ended up being rather a packed year. But one way or another life got in the way and I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write very much. With the arrival of coronavirus it looks as if most of us will be doing a lot more sitting down at home in the coming months. As museums across the globe close down one-by-one, each until further notice, it seems a good opportunity to delve into the archives (literally and figuratively) and see what we can dig out. With more time for reading and no galleries to visit, I hope that some of my blog posts will keep you engaged during self-isolation and closures. I’d love to discuss pieces with you in the comments; think of them as the conversations we would be having in front of the art, but in the digital sphere instead!

In personal news, I have moved from Oxford to Melbourne, Australia. Sadly the amount of admin this involved and the ensuing virus have prevented me from getting to any of the museums and galleries so far. With these to look forward to in the hopefully not too distant future, and visits to New York, Amsterdam, Ghent, London and Prague in the last year to look back on, I think I have plenty of material to keep me going.

Take care of yourselves and each other, and never forget that art will always be there to sooth us, comfort us, challenge us and question us. We will always have art to turn to in our hour of need.


  1. Hello Helen, welcome to Oz or welcome back if that is the case. Haring Basquiat exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria was excellent and quite a lot to get through.alas the closure of all galleries. I am so glad that we have been able to see Matisse Picasso at the National Gallery of Australia. BTW the NGA is having an online curators presentation on the current Hugh Ramsey exhibition on Thursday 26 March, 12.45 to 1.10pm on Facebook.


    • Thank you! Actually my first time ever in Oz so very excited! Yes I was sad to miss the Haring-Basquiat, although I saw a few write-ups saying they had weirdly removed references to Haring’s sexuality? Ooh that sounds very exciting, I’ll try to catch it! Great to see so many museums and galleries finding novel ways of keeping the art world going even with the closures.


      • Well definitely welcome then. I don’t recall any coyness about Haring’s sexuality, but maybe I wasn’t focusing on that aspect of the show.
        We have been binge watching the major gallery YouTube channels. The Van Gogh museum is doing a 7 part gallery walkthrough. As we were there last year it is a great treat to see it again, particularly minus the crowds.


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